Sell Tickets

Sell tickets online your way.

A ticketing page built around your brand experience.

Sell tickets your way, with Outix event experience platform. Offering unique tools & methods, allowing you to sell tickets online with all your branding in mind.



Brand your event, your way.

Design for patron experience – Your patrons first experience is with your ticketing platform, Outix has studied and designed a platform around user experience. Allowing patrons to select, sign-in and purchase tickets all under a minute.


Key landing page features:


-Simple & Easy to us
-Focused on user experience
-Creativity control
-Video backgrounds
-Several payment options


Use our event analytics reporting

Follow and track your patrons, analysis your event performance from all marketing platforms, monitor your conversion rates and find out exactly what makes your event tick.


It’s all about user experience.

Understanding the user is just half the battle, Outix has studied and researched the user experience within the platform, how users respond to positioning of buttons, selection tools & descriptions is one of these studied topics. The Outix event ticketing platform has been researched, tested and designed to increase the number of ticket sales throughout our platform. In-depth marketing techniques and strategies have created a very pleasurable user experience.