Exhibition Management System

Sell tickets, manage stall holders & vendors, staff and your site, meet our exhibition management system

Running your expo and trade show has never been easier, the Outix exhibition management system allows you to run your event from our dashboard. Register stall holders & vendors, take payments, organise staffing, site allocations and ticket selling.

exhibition software

Venue Management

Manage your site requirements all within your dashboard, site plans, staffing, site locations and more.

Exhibitor Portal

Allow exhibitors to take complete control of there space & team, communicate directly with them via your dashboard and allow them to promote there own unique url for the event.

Check-ins & Attendees

Photograph all staff at your event and give them there own unique staff pass that can be barcoded and scanned upon entering and exit.

Allocate your stall holders directly on to there store location

We understand the pressures of running expo’s, organising and shuffling a number of stall holders to there store locations can be a stress thing. No need for white boards, excel spreadsheets and endless stickets attached to your wall. Outix exhibition management system allows you to control your site allocations all from the dashboard.