Box office system

Our Online Ticket Booking System – Powering Events Across Australia

Sell out sooner, faster and easier with our box office. Outix is not your standard ticketing agents, we are an elite crew of event, site & box office managers from all over the world. With us, your brick-and-mortar and online ticketing systems will run like a dream. Our system is designed to cut queues in half, or remove them as everyone will be inside your event.

The worlds fastest box office system has dealt with events and expo’s with over 80,000 patrons per day. The Outix box office system – nothing else can compare.


Access the right data

Gather all the required information about your patrons. Customise questions and answer to suit you.

Easy Accounting

Summarise your takings with a click of a button and know exactly how your box office has done for the day.

Synchronised platform

Running a number of entries at your event? Our ticketing system completely synchronises with your other box offices.

Simple, real-time customer & transaction information with our ticketing system

Watch your transaction history & clients grow all from the comfort of your dashboard. Login from any location and see exactly how you are tracking. Transaction history of all your clients will be on display, with names, transaction details, ticket types, product types and much more.

The Outix system is built for speed and has had years of testing across many events around the world to ensure perfection. Our online ticket booking system has been tested by more than 80,000 people attending a single, one-day event, and came out the other side with flying colours.

Find out way thousands of organisers, promoters & venues in Australia and around the world choose Outix to be their box office provider.

Live Reporting

Track progress of your event.

Easy, Save & Secure


Ticket booking the way your customers want it – E-Tickets, Hard Copy, Mobile & Outapp

We have a number of methods in which patrons can receive their event day tickets. Standard hard-copy & express thermal receipt tickets are all standard practice but Outix can also offer SMS Ticketing, Outapp ticketing and online ticketing (e-ticketing) direct to your mobile phone. Our Outpost scanners can scan directly off the phone and get your audience in quicker.


Multiple Staff Logins

Hold every member of your team accountable with individual logins and performance statuses.


Accept all major credit cards - VISA, Mastercard & AMEX, cash, EFT & Outix gift certificates.

Survey Questions

Ask questions to gather the right information, who are you looking forward to see? Can I please get your postcode?